Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 11: Borgarnes - Vegamót
Time: 3:23:20
Distance: 66.44 km
Average Speed 19.6 km/h

On the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Internet connection is rubbish. Will post something in the next few days.

Update: Snaefellsnes has been described as a sort of miniature Iceland in that you can see most of the geographical features that Iceland has to offer on this peninsula. Iceland's weather decided to be nice today and most of the journey was done with the wind at our backs. We travelled mainly through remote farming areas with snowy mountains a constant sight in the distance. Once it got near dark we asked 2 young farmers if we could camp in one of their fields. They sent us to the one where they wouldn't be spreading slurry (they did this up until around midnight) and where there were no horses (fields of horses are common in Iceland, there are 2 horses for every 3 people). Our "dinner" consisted of cream crackers, nuts and penguin bars washed down with Paddy and Brenevin (an Icelandic spirit). I set an alarm to wake me up for the Northern Lights but no success tonight.


  1. Hello!!

    Good to hear that you didn't get lost! I'm sure that the weather is brilliant (w/ all the snow:))

    Enjoy the rest of the trip!

    1. We got a bit stuck in the snow. Has to change plans a bit. Luckily the west is snow free. No -10 conditions yet :)