Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 1: Reykjavík – Bjarteyjarsandur
Time: 4:36:20
Distance: 79.20 km
Average Speed 17.1 km/h

We managed to get on the road shortly after 2pm Sunday, in sunshine surprisingly. A bike path took us out of Reykjavík city centre and eventually merged with Route 1. A road tunnel goes under Hvalfjörður bay but since bikes are banned from it we needed to cycle around the bay which wasn't really a bad thing given the scenery. We grazed mainly on biscuits and fruit throughout the day. A petrol station was the only place that we passed all day that sold any food. As it got closer to 8pm we needed to start looking at camping options and opted for the first place we saw a signpost for at Bjarteyjarsandur. The owners ran a sheep farm of 600 and mentioned that we're the first cyclists to arrive this year with most people starting Route 1 a few weeks later. Just after I had assembled my tent one of their dogs marked their territory on it.

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