Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 2: Bjarteyjarsandur - Borgarnes
Time: 2:05:48
Distance: 40.1 km
Average Speed 19.5 km/h

The farmer running the campsite made us coffee before we hit the road. Coffee is a big thing for farmers here with most of them drinking several cups a day. Our tents held up well through a few showers and strong wind over night. We were optimistic about covering a greater number of kilometres than yesterday since we were getting a much earlier start but the weather had other ideas. After a number of heavy showers we decided to stop in Borgarnes, get a hostel and allow our clothes to dry instead of going over a mountain pass that's most likely is covered in snow. Soft? Possibly but pitching a tent while freezing and soaked later in the day was the other option and since there wouldn't be another hostel for 170km we thought stopping was a safer bet. After not eating much yesterday we stocked up at the local supermarket to cook in the hostel. We also picked up some echinacea and vitamin C. Cycling in the cold can give the immune system a battering. Keeping a steady body temperature on the bike has been tough to achieve so far. The weather changes quickly and you can feel you have too many layers on while 10 minutes later you're freezing again. I've started looking forward to any hills we approach just because it's an easy way to get warm.

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